Meeting of families of Polish prisoners-of-war from WW II is happening now

Today, at 5 p.m., has started the online nationwide meeting of families of Polish prisoners-of-war from WW II. Its participants are communicating with each other via the MS Teams online platform.

The event has been already started by an introduction and invitation to discussion by representatives of the organisers: Dr. Violetta Rezler Wasielewska, Director of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War, and Sławomit Frątczak, head of the Katyn Museum in Warsaw.

The programme of the event, which will last until 7.30 p.m., is as follows:

  • Polish soldiers in the German and Soviet prisoner-of-war system – Dr. Piotr Stanek, CMJW
  • At the bottom of a drawer... On the relationship between man and thing – Dr. Anna Czerner, CMJW
  • Prisoner-of-war memorabilia from a conservator's perspective - Prof. Anna Drążkowska, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
  • War heroes and contemporary audiences. Analysis of the CMJW documentary films from "...but that's a different story now" series - Prof. Anna Matuchniak-Mystkowska, (University of Łódź), Sławomir Mielnik, MA, Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, PhD
  • Screening of Portrait from Captivity, a film from the "...but that's a different story now" film series
  • Meeting with Wiesław Wepa - son of Cpl. Jan Wepa, prisoner-of-war of Wehrmacht camps
  • Screening of Letters from Kozielsk, a film from the "...but that's another story" film series
  • Meeting with Urszula Gawor - President of the Katyn Family Association in Opole, daughter of Lt. Kazimierz Ściślewski, prisoner-of-war of the Kozelsk camp.

The meeting will end with a discussion which, as we already have seen with the first voices of the participants, will be very lively.

The event enjoys the honorary patronage of Jan Józef Kasprzyk, Head of Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression, Teresa Stanek, President of the Board of the World Association of Home Army Soldiers, Izabella Sariusz-Skąpska, President of the Board of the Federation of Katyn Families Association, and the media patronage of the newspapers: "Histmag", "Rzeczpospolita", and "Mówią Wieki". Partners of the meeting are the Katyn Museum and "Tygodnik Powszechny".

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