May Holiday with the Museum

The Museum and the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice will also be open to visitors in the May Bank Holiday (1-3 May) when Poles like to organise sightseeing trips. The area, where one can get familiar with the history and at the same time be in touch with the omnipresent nature, is in care of the Museum

The visitors can get familiar with the permanent exhibitions in the Łambinowice seat and the surroundings of the Museum, its history, the traces of which can be found: at the Old POW Cemetery, the Cemetery of Soviet POWs with the Martyrdom of Prisoners of War, the Labor Camp Cemetery in Łambinowice, and the former camp grounds – mainly the former Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf with its new educational exhibition Place with a Scar, and nature.

In planning your visit can be helpful the virtual tour which is available at, and when you on the spot, a free mobile application entitled "Museum in the Site of Remembrance. Getting to know Łambinowice".

Let us remind you that in the courtyard of our Opole seat, at any time, you can visit the exhibition In the inhuman land. Polish prisoners-of-war in the USSR.

More about your visit you can find at:


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