Maria Elżbieta Zglińska has passed away

It was with great sadness that we heard about the passing of our retired colleague Elżbieta Zglińska, who, for most of us was an icon of the Museum from those times which we know only from documents, photographs and recollections. Thanks to her animated, full of humour and vivid descriptions tales, the first few decades of the existence of our institution are - without any doubt - better known to us, and from a very interesting perspective - that of the museum staff. Mrs Elżbieta started her work in the Department of Administration, with which she was basically connected throughout her professional life - but also headed it efficiently for years - in 1967, thus the time when the institution was still known as the Museum of the Martyrdom of Prisoners-of-War in Łambinowice.

Mrs Elżbieta performed her duties with great commitment and professionalism. As a worker, she was persistent in her look out for and implementing innovations in management and technology, and, as a person, energetic, sharing with others her cheerfulness and sincere laugh, the echoes of which some of us can still hear, she made a distinctive mark in our memory and in the memory of the Museum. Her participation in the Museum’s life did not stop with the moment of her retirement in 2000 or 2002, when she finally ended her work, nor now, when we have become aware of her absence, e.g. during the annual Christmas and New Year meetings, or in the preparations for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the CMJW, in 2025. Mrs Elżbieta will always be with us, thanks, but not only, to the photographs with which she passionately documented the life of the Museum.

We will say farewell to Maria Elżbieta Zglińska on Monday, 8 July, at 12.00 p.m. at the Opole’s municipal cemetery in Półwieś (the so-called New Chapel).


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