"Łambinowice Museum Meeting" – an after Easter invitation

On 3 April, the first Wednesday after the Easter holidays, Przemysław Badur from the Upper Silesian Pantheon in Katowice will be hosted by us in Łambinowice. He will deliver a lecture on the Doctor of Medical Sciences Tadeusz Pragłowski.

Dr. Pragłowski, as a specialist in forensic pathology and pathomorphology, was the first Polish witness to the discovery made by the Germans in the Katyń forest. After his return from the short visit there, he shared with a colleague, also from the Kraków academic milieu, Dr. Marian Wodziński, the supposition that the victims of the newly revealed crime were Polish officers. As early as in the spring of 1943, a nine-member forensic medicine commission, headed by the aforementioned Dr. Wodziński, went to Katyń on the initiative of the Central Welfare Council and the Polish Red Cross. Tadeusz Pragłowski was part of the commission.

His participation in the works of the commission had a profound impact on the doctor's later life, because as a witness to the trace evidence of the Katyń Massacre, he was affected by the systemic repercussions - among other things, his academic career was blocked and was forced to leave Kraków and move to Silesia. In his new place of settlement, still, he managed to find himself by joining the Medical University of Silesia and becoming a long-standing expert witness. However, from the perspective of our Museum, Dr. Pragłowski's most important professional episode took place shortly after the war - in January 1946, when, in the role of an expert, he was brought in to Łambinowice as a member of a commission to examine mass graves of prisoners-of-war.

The meeting will take place in the usual venue of the Museum building in Łambinowice at 5 p.m. on 3 April - you are cordially invited!

Invitation to Dr. Tadeusz Pragłowski - in Katyń and Łambinowice

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