Was it so? Check! project has started

A series of journalism workshops inaugurated yesterday, 9 May, the project ‘Was it so?  Check!’. Its purpose is to educate children and young people in, among other things, navigating through a mass of information, obtaining and verifying content and preparing short biographical forms.

Workshop 'Piórem o prawdę. Z Józefem Mackiewiczem na Ty" are given from Monday to Friday (9-12 May) in the Opole seat of the Museum. They are given by Ilona Lewandowska, a Polish journalist currently working for the 'Kurier Wileński', where she covers political and historical issues. Participants of the workshops are students from primary and high schools in Opole, such as: UNICEF Primary School No. 31, Adam Mickiewicz Primary School No. 14, Henryk Sienkiewicz Primary School No. 10, High School No. V and Mikołaj Kopernik High School No. I. The workshops are accompanied by a visit to the temporary exhibition On inhuman land... Polish prisoners- of-war in the USSR.

There are also planned following stages of the project: visiting the exhibition Place with a scar, meetings with members of the "Katyn Family", conducting a competition.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the concept.


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