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War mothers – third episode of the series ... but that's a different story now

We continue our film series. Today's premiere, intentionally taking place on the holiday Monday, is entitled War Mothers.

The film tells the story of great solidarity, selflessness, strength, and positive action of women rushing to help Polish prisoners-of-war and supporting them in their everyday lives behind the barbed wire of camps. The interesting photographs of family memorabilia, donated to our Museum, are accompanied by an interesting commentary. It is enriched by a statement, recorded for the needs of the production, by Michał Żero, son of one of the characters in the episode and at the same time the donor of a wonderful collection of prisoner-of-war correspondence, about the value of which a second lieutenant at Oflag II C Woldenberg wrote in one of his letters: "... the moment of issuing mail is a serious experience in our madly monotonous day”.

The series was prepared by us at the end 2020, thanks to the "Culture Available" programme, i.e. funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The idea, according to the concept of Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, was realized by Sławomir Mielnik.

The next, fourth episode of the series is scheduled for April 26. You are  invited to join us!

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