The pendant with Nefretete - eighth instalment of the film series

Another instalment of the series …but that’s a different story now is dedicated to the prisoner-of-war works of Zdzisław Jaschke (1913-1991), who was known mainly for his journalistic work (in "Trybuna Opolska" and the Polish Radio Broadcaster in Opole) and extensive cultural activity in the post-war Opole.

This film shows an important period in the life of Zdzisław Jaschke – his captivity. At that time, among others in Stalag XIII A Nürnberg or in Oflag VII A Murnau, Second Lieutenant Jaschke created works, some of which are now in the collection of the Museum. What are these works and how did they end up in the Museum? This, and much more, is explained in today's episode, primarily by Zdzisław Jaschke's grandson, Paweł, but also the artist himself in an archival recording.

The series was prepared by us at the end of 2020, thanks to the programme "Culture Available", and therefore subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The idea, according to the concept of Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, was realized by Sławomir Mielnik.

We are welcome to watch it! The next, ninth episode of the series is scheduled for 27 September 2021.

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