The Niemodlin Forests 2027. New Local Development Strategy

Representatives of the Museum, which is a member of the Local Action Group Partnerstwo Borów Niemodlińskich, participated in a meeting Bory Niemodlińskie 2027. New Local Development Strategy, which took place on 4 August in Łambinowice.

The meeting covered the issue of works on the Local Development Strategy for 2023-2027, under which more than PLN 11,000,000 may be available for starting and developing economic activities, creating agritourism and educational homesteads, improving access to services and small public infrastructure, or organising training and educational campaigns on, among other things, the protection of cultural and natural heritage.

Previous strategies included over 200 implemented projects subsided with over PLN 21.500,000. Those funds were also used by the Museum for, among other things, publishing, for example, six volumes of Sketches from the history of the Lamsdorf/Łambinowice camps or a series of To understand and remember performances and historical and art workshops Entangled in the Great History.

The meeting, the purpose of which was to find out about opinions of the local residents, institutions and organisations on the shape of the strategy and as well as to identify local needs, was attained by Elżbieta Góra (head) and Piotr Jędorowicz of the Museum’s Department Collections and Conservation.

Besides that, a few days earlier, on 27 July, at the consultation meeting at the site of the Museum in Łambinowie, was outlined the new 'Route around the Niemodlin Forest' (as part of (as part of the implementation of the 'Communication Plan' for 2022, Project 5 - Landscapes), also related to the development of the Niemodlin Forest. Its part was a presentation by Dr. Anna Wickiewicz (Head of the Department of Education and Exhibitions), among others, on the use of bicycles in educational activities of the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War.

The title photograph by Daniel Podobiński, councillor of the Łambinowice Commune.

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