Invitation to the meeting Zofia Arcimowicz and her bracelet made from an identity tag

Cooperation between the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War and the Museum of Pawiak Prison - a branch of the Museum of Independence brings worth noticing results: soon, on 15 September, there will take place an event with Zofia Arcimowicz as it main heroine. She was a liaison officer  of the Home Army, and prisoner-of-war in Stalags: 344 Lamsdorf, IV B Mühlberg and IV A Hohnstein.

The plot of the planned meeting is based on the fact that Zofia Arcimowicz was a Pawiak prisoner for seven months in 1943. She was saved from the prison by her relatives, and with the help of a bribe. This happened just one month before her younger son Andrzej was born, who many years later, after his mother's death, donated valuable memorabilia to the Museum collections, including the 'bracelet made from an identity tag' mentioned in the title of the meeting.

This unique artefact is on display in the permanent exhibition in the CMJW seat at 3 Minorytów Street in Opole, but this is not the end of the Museum's activities aimed at popularising the story of the bracelet's owner. Among them is the making of the film Bracelet from Lamsdorf in 2020. The screening of this documentary and a discussion about it will be one of the points of the meeting, alongside the presentation of the temporary exhibition 'The End and the Beginning. The Warsaw Insurgents in German captivity', which the guests will visit accompanied by its curator Dr. Piotr Stanek. The exhibition will remain at the Museum of Pawiak Prison until 15 October 2023.

You are cordially invited to the meeting: 15 September, 5 p.m., 24/26 Dzielna Street, Warsaw.

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