Invitation to "Łambinowice Museum Meetings" (8 November)

The Old Prisoners-of-War Cemetery in Łambinowice is a unique necropolis on the map of Europe. Its 150 years old history has been arousing a lot of interest of many researchers - lately, they are archaeologists - and its contemporary scenery attracts poets, photographers or all those who seek an aura of peace, reverie and mysticism.

A constant feature of this landscape are the regular lines of concrete crosses, which, however, need to undergo conservation work if they are to survive for many more years to come. The opponent in this struggle for historical material and social memory are the natural climatic conditions and the expansiveness of the local flora, and allies are all those who have decided to take part in the "Give Me a Memory" campaign initiated by the Museum in 2021. Its aim is to raise funds for the renovation of prisoner-of-war crosses chosen by donors.

During the next "Łambinowice Museum Meetings", the campaign’s purpose and the process of its implementation will be talked about by Dawid Żak – a worker of the Museum’s Department of Collections and Conservation, donor involved in the "Give Me a Memory" initiative, and, in private life, the winner of "The Weakest Link" final.

The meeting will take place on 8 November at 5 p.m. at the Museum building in Łambinowice.

You are cordially invited to the meeting!

Invitation to Give Me a Memory


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