Archaeology of Crime… – the August (special) edition of the Łambinowice Museum Meetings

In the holiday time, our Museum usually take a break in organising of the Łambinowice Museum Meetings (ŁSM) series. However, this time it is different. Owing to the realisation of the "Science for society, society for science at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice" project, you are invited to the meeting on 19 August.

The guest of this special edition of the ŁSM entitled The Archaeology of Crime. In search of mass graves from the period of Second World War at the Chojnice’s Death Valley, will be Dr. Dawid Kobiałka, an archaeologist and anthropologist of culture (more about him on Facebook). During the meeting modern methods and techniques of archaeological research more and more in use in the context of discovering and documenting the material remains of former prisoners-of-war, concentration and extermination camps will be presented by him. The same tools are being used to find mass graves (places of execution) from different periods. These activities are known by the name archaeology of crime.

At the meeting, the Chojnice’s Death Valley, a site in where were excavated almost a tonne of burnt human remains by an investigating team, will be seen as the case study on mass executions of Polish citizens during the Second World War period. The described research methodology will also be implemented at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice, where, since June 2022, have been conducted an interdisciplinary research project by a team headed by Dr. Dawid Kobiałka. A significant   part of the project is archaeological work, which will commence as early as 20 August.

You are invited to the meeting at the Museum in Łambinowice (on 19 August, at 5 p.m.) by Dr. Iwona Konopnicka, President of the Association of Friends of the CMJW, and Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, Director of the CMJW.

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