First archaeological events have already taken place

The Museum has hosted three events related to the 'Science for society, society for science at the National Memorial in Łambinowice' research project. 

On Thursday (18 August) Dr. Dawid Kobiałka delivered a lecture in Opole entitled Community Archaeology – Polish experiences and the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice. He talked about his personal experiences in carrying out works aiming to involve the local community in archaeological research.  He cited many examples of how such activities lead to enhancing a greater awareness in the area of the protection of material cultural heritage.

Next day (19 August) we moved to Łambinowice where a special edition of the ‘Łambinowice Museum Meetings’ took place. As part of it, Dr. David Kobiałka, again, gave a lecture entitled The Archaeology of Crime. In search of mass graves from the period of Second World War at the Chojnice’s Death Valley. He covered the topic of modern methods and techniques use in archaeological research which the main purpose is to uncover and document past crimes. Given his work experience in the so called ‘Death Valley’ in Chojnice as an example, he explained how research works would look like to uncover and document crimes.

Today (20 August), the lecture hall was transformed into an area where one could experience the archaeology in work.  Archaeology workshops took place in the park next to the building of the Communal Culture, Sports and Recreation Centre in Łambinowice. Their participants, under the guidance of professional archaeologists, had the opportunity to take part in preliminary probing, using metal detectors. They found out what is involved in setting up an archaeological dig and how to document the artefacts found. They were also able to see the artefacts excavated at the memorial site and, thanks to the staff of the Department of Collections and Conservation of our Museum, learn the stories behind them.

The above-described events were a prelude to the archaeological work that will be carried out over the next week on the post-camp grounds in Łambinowice. They are the first stage of the project 'Science for society, society for science at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice', co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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