"Faces of Opole" with Jerzy Stemplewski – invitation

It is not easy to imagine the modern world without photography. It has become an obvious part of reality, yet it is also a branch of culture and art, requiring perfect technical skills, a well-developed aesthetic mind, perceptiveness and, to put it simply, talent. There will be an opportunity to remind us of this side of photography during the upcoming "Faces of Opole" meeting.

During the meeting we will host Jerzy Stemplewski, a photographer and a long-time educationalist, who is also very active in public life, for what was awarded the title of "Distinguished Citizen of the City of Opole" by the Opole City Council in 2021. Our guest will tell, among other things, about the beginning his career - what made him, despite his technical background, to commence taking photos, first of sports events, and then more revolved around reportage and social issues.

We know that the passion started very early, but how did it evolve? How did it encapsulate the facts from the modern history of the Opole region such as: the mass movement of defending the region’s status as a province, the Festival of Polish Song, or the Great Flood of 1997. It can be added that the changes which have been happening at the Museum in recent decades, have also been recorded, to some extent, by the protagonist of the forthcoming meeting. The excellent speaker, Professor Stanisław Sławomir Nicieja, who has been a guest of our previous "Faces of Opole" meetings, will act as our protagonist’s interlocutor.

We cordially invite you - 21 March this year, at 5 p.m. - to the Museum’s Opole seat at 4 Minorytów Street.

Invitation to "For the love of photography" meeting with Jerzy Stemplewski

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