Exhibition on General Smorawiński – until the end of January 2024

Since mid-September 2023, at our Opole seat, we have been hosting the National Museum in Lublin's temporary exhibition entitled "The Last Resident of Lubomirski Palace. General Mieczysław Smorawiński".

The coming days are the last chance to see the exhibition in Opole, as it remains with us only until 31 January this year. We encourage both individual visitors and groups to take the opportunity to get acquainted with this valuable and interestingly arranged exhibition. It presents the story of the youngest general of pre-war Poland - from his first soldiering experience, through the development of his career, to its tragic end in the Katyń massacre. The exhibition does not skip the private life of General Mieczysław Smorawiński, either.

We heartily recommend you to visit it!

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