Dismantling of exhibitions in Łambinowice

Due to the further stage of renovation works at the Łambinowice seat of the Museum, we would like to inform you that from 1 July this year the following permanent exhibitions will be closed down: "In the German Captivity", "The Prisoner-of-War Camps in Lamsdorf/Łambinowice 1870-1945" and "The Polish Prisoners-of-War in the USSR".

Two permanent exhibitions await visitors: "After the war. The Labour Camp in Łambinowice (1945–1946)" located in the so-called former guardhouse, next to the main building of the Museum, and "Place with a Scar" on the site of the former Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf.

Educational and popularisation activities will be continued unchanged, therefore despite the announcement of the reduction of exhibitions, we encourage you to contact the CMJW’s Department of Education and Exhibitions, and make an appointment for classes or use the guiding services at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice.

You are welcome!

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