Development Strategy of the Łambinowice Commune for 2024-2030

The decision-makers of the Łambinowice Commune have started work on a new Development Strategy. At the first, diagnostic stage, among the inhabitants and all the entities that are partners of the commune in economic, social, cultural and educational activities, there was conducted a survey. Our Museum was also included in this group.

The document being worked on will define the priorities and directions of development up to 2030, in the context of projected changes in the local environment. According to Łambinowice officials: "The strategy will form the basis for creating and strengthening the social, economic and spatial development of the commune, and will also be an important instrument for obtaining external funds for the implementation of pro-development activities".

Having communicated our expectations, needs and thoughts - related to the immediate future of the commune of Łambinowice and obviously correlated with the plans of the Museum - we will kindly and attentively follow further steps related to the development of our local environment. Given this opportunity, we would like to remind you that we are also working intensively on the strategy of the Museum for the upcoming years, which we have already informed you about on several occasions, e.g. here:

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