Construction traditions in Silesia as the subject of a meeting at Łambinowice

The October instalment of the 'Łambinowice Museum Meetings' series will take place this Wednesday (12 October 2022) at 5 p.m. To the event entitled "Wattle and daub in architecture of Łambinowice as background to the building traditions of Silesia", you are invited by the President of the Association of Friends of the CMJW, Dr. Iwona Konopnicka, and the Museum Director, Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska.

The meeting should be interesting for anyone who is an enthusiast of the unique architecture of Silesian towns and villages - a testimony not only to the changing trends and progress of civilisation, but also to the complicated past of this land. Łambinowice is an excellent example of that. It is just here where that one can find characteristic buildings which are both an architectural curiosity and a reminder of the history of the environs. These include buildings of wattle and daub construction for the purpose of the former Lamsdorf military training ground. Among them is the building of the former German officer's casino surrounded by a park - today it is the seat of the local Community Centre for Culture, Sports and Recreation.

The talk on wattle and daub architecture, so characteristic for the period when Silesia remained within the borders of the Kingdom of Prussia, will be given by Monika Adamska, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Opole University of Technology.

This meeting takes place as part of the 19th edition of Days of German Culture in Opole Silesia.

The 'Łambinowice Museum Meetings' series enjoys the honorary patronage of the Mayor of the Łambinowice Commune, Tomasz Karpiński.

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