Conservator’s work on the site of the former Russenlager

Conservator’s and building works have been conducted on the site of the former Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf, around the eight best preserved huts.  The company, ALTA sp.z.oo, from Wroclaw, implements the plan efficiently and on schedule.

The remains of the huts and the land around them, have already been cleaned up of  vegetation, soil and debris. The surface of the walls have been strengthened – their stability is secured, elements of steel buttresses were added to, and damaged corners were stapled. To ensure the water that gets into the objects runs off,  boreholes have been made and pipes were embedded in them.

The works are conducted alongside discoveries which are helpful in establishing the history of the place and stories of people detained herein in the years of WW II.  The clearing of the huts’ walls revealed, for example, marks of multi-story bunks, and different volumes of the floors indicate earlier major repairs.

We will keep you informed about the progress of works

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