Conservation works on museum assets and records

This April more museum  objects and records of the Museum’s collection were transferred to specialist conservation workshops. The implementation  of this year's plan of our institution is possible thanks to subsides received from both of its organisers: the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Self-Government of the Opole Province.

Further 720 cards (all together 31 archival units) of Wehrmachtauskunftstelle für Kriegerverlusteund Kriegsgefangene (WASt) ensemble, the so-called transport lists, were transferred to the Warsaw-based Gorek Restauro company on April 7. The purpose of the works is to preserve the historical records and stop the deterioration processes as well as to increase the mechanical strength of the paper, while restoring the aesthetic qualities and preserving the historic character of the documents. The deadline of 30 September 2022 has been set to complete the works.

On Wednesday, April 20, we gave eight museum objects to ARTE Anna Drążkowska Monuments Conservation Workshop in Toruń. They are elements of uniforms and soldier equipment, as well as personal items belonging to POWs. These are textile relics from donations. The work would involve, among other things, cleaning the objects and preserving  them from damaging, and above all bringing them as close as possible to their original condition. The conservation should be completed by the end of November 2022.

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