Autumn education offer

The Department of Education and Exhibitions, in collaboration with other Museums departments, has prepared a new offer of lessons and museum workshops called “the Uprising odyssey. Prisoner-of-War fates of the Rising participants”. The classes can be an excellent supplement to history lessons, social studies, Polish literature lessons, as well general educational classes.

The lessons and workshops are free of charge, and are suitable for pupils of all ages and all educational levels. They can take place either on-site at the Museum, or off-site, for example, at a school, library or community centre. In the latter case, the cost of the educator's journey to the place of conducting the classes should be taken into account. It is also possible to organize online meetings via the MS Teams platform.

The offer includes the following topics:

  • Children in the Warsaw Uprising. Ethos and reality
  • ,,They felt like soldiers”. Female insurgents in captivity.
  • Nither bandits nor numbers.. Our heroses! Warsaw insurgents in German captivity.
  • Great deeds, small gestures. Patriotism as yesterday and today
  • The Warsaw Uprising: the upgraded version. Social memory workshop

You are welcome to use the offer. To book a lesson/workshop contact us via email: or by phone: 77 434 34 75.

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