Attention: #HearTheVoiceofUnInsurgent contest

In the coming three weeks of October, it will be possible to take part in a competition with prizes on the Museum’s website and Facebook.  

The competition will go on from 13 to 31 October 2021. Each Wednesday, on the Museum’s website, there will be published a fragment of a Warsaw insurgent’s recollection of his/her time in captivity. Besides that, each Friday, in the same place, a question will be asked in reference to the previously presented account. Answers (not longer than 1000 characters with spaces) should be sent to At the end of the month the organizers will choose one of the most interesting answers to each question. Their authors will be rewarded with books and an invitation to a guided visit in the Museum and the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice.

More details you can find in the competition guidelines.

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