An important day – 2 October. A report

25th anniversary of the Opole circle of the Home Army World Association, was celebrated in Opole.  The celebration, proceeded by a mass in the intention of the Motherland, took place by the monument to the Home Army in the Opole housing estate bearing its name.

Alongside veterans, representatives of provincial and local government authorities and many institutions, the commemoration was attended by young people, especially scouts. Our Museum was represented by Dr Piotr Stanek, head of the Research Department.

2 of October, of this year, is also the 76th anniversary of the end of the Warsaw Uprising - the Day of Remembrance of the Civil Victims of the Warsaw Uprising. Celebrations were held in the capital - a plaque dedicated to the Warsaw insurgents and civilians who left Warsaw after the capitulation was unveiled at Politechnika Square, and a monument commemorating the civilian victims of the uprising, in Bielany district.

For the Home Army soldiers, the fall of the uprising was the beginning of captivity in prisoner-of-war camps, for the civilian population of Warsaw – an ordeal in concentration camps and forced labour. Both groups ended up in Lamsdorf. The commemoration of the arrival of the first transport of Warsaw insurgents to Stalag 344 Lamsdorf is ahead of us. Please follow us on our website and Facebook.

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