About Saint Maksymilian Kolbe in Jasienica Dolna. Invitation!

This year marks 81 years since the martyrdom of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Each year, at Jasienica Dolna, celebrations are organised to commemorate the friar who was beatified in 1971. This Sunday (25 September, at 11.00 a.m.), we invite you to the Parish Church, and then to the Cultural Centre in Jasienica Dolna, for a lecture by Dr. Piotr Stanek.

The organisers of the commemorations are the Association of War Disabled Persons of the Republic of Poland (from Nysa and the Opole district), the School and Kindergarten in Jasienica Dolna, and the Paris Council in  Jasienica Dolna.

The meeting, chair by the head of the Research Department of the CMJW, will provide an opportunity to present the figure of Father Maximilian Kolbe, especially in the light of the events  from 1939, i.e. the suspension of the activities of the Niepokalanów monastery, the arrest of the priest by Germans and his internment in the prisoner-of-war camps at Lamsdorf (Łambinowice), Amtitz (Gębice) or Schildberg (Ostrzeszów).

The event will be accompanied by the promotion and sale of Maximilian Maria Kolbe (1894–1941).


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