A visit from Italian diplomats

Following the discovery made on the ground of the Old Prisoners-Of-War Cemetery in Łambinowice by a team of archaeologists headed by Dr. Dawid Kobiałka in July this year, representatives of the Italian Embassy came to the Museum. The purpose of the visit was, among other things, to learn in situ about the circumstances of the discovery of the remains of an Italian soldier - interned in Stalag 344 Lamsdorf during the Second World War.

This important discovery is a result of the project 'Science for Society, Society for Science at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice' implemented by the Museum in collaboration with a group of researches headed by Dr. Dawid Kobiałka from the University of Łódź. Using non-invasive research methods, they managed to locate a hitherto unknown burial site, where two burial cavities were explored. In both, human remains were unearthed. A quick identification was only possible in the case of one of the soldiers - the state of preservation of his identity tag allowed the prisoner-of-war number to be legible and it was determined that it belonged to the Italian Giovanni Paravidino.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Italian side: Monika Kwiatosz, Honorary Consul of the Italian Republic in Wrocław, Colonel Stefano Cavaliere, Italian Defence Attaché in Poland and Elio Leo, Assistant Defence Attaché accompanying him, as well as representatives of the Museum: the Director of the Museum, Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, and Regina Chojna from the Archive Department of the CMJW.

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