82nd anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War

Today, commemorations marking the outbreak of World War II are being held all over the country. The Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War has also become involved in commemorating the events of 1 September 1939.

At 11 a.m., in front of the Monument to the Martyrdom of Prisoners-of-War, the director of the Museum, Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, and representing the Łambinowice Commune, mayor Tomasz Karpiński and secretary Jerzy Rosiński, laid flowers and lit symbolic candles. Students from schools in Łambinowice and Jasienica Dolna also participated in the event. On the same occasion, in Opole, in front of the Monument to the Fighters for Polishness of Opole Silesia, was held a ceremony organized by the Governor of Opole, which was attended by the deputy director of the CMJW, Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła.

Also, as part of the anniversary commemorations, by the Public High School No. 3 in Opole, stood our outdoor temporary exhibition "It's not over yet...". Soldiers of September 1939 in captivity of Wehrmacht and NKVD (1939-1945). The exhibition presents the history of the Polish soldiers fighting since 1 September 1939 in defence of the country, and the later fate of those who were interned or taken into captivity.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that until 10 September 2021, the  exhibition Spring, Summer, WAR... Warsaw 1939, a photographic story about the first months of the war in the capital, can be visited in the seat of our Museum in Opole.  You are welcome to see it!

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