Temporary exhibitions

The last resident of Lubomirski Palace. General Mieczysław Smorawiński temperary exhibition

The exhibition is divided into three sections, the titles of which illustrate well the most important moments of the General’s biography: "The Legions and the Polish Army" is the beginning of his military career in the years 1914–1921; "Husband, Father, Commander" unravels, in turn, the most secret aspects of his personality, and the tragic period of his life is revealed in the final chapter, "Katyń".

It is worth noting that the exhibition is carefully arranged: multimedia presentations, music, elements of scenography (the general's office, living room) and - what is the most important - numerous memorabilia (e.g. family correspondence, personal items (a cigarette case, the general's cap) and large-format photographs of excellent quality are on display. The Opole adaptation of the exhibition, which comes from the "Under the Clock" Museum of the Martyrdom - a branch of the National Museum in Lublin, was arranged by the team of Marek and Maciej Mikulski.


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