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Lamsdorf/Łambinowice. Archaeology at the Site of Remembrance

zThe temporary exhibition entitled Lamsdorf/Łambinowice. Archaeology at the Site of Remembrance, prepared by Dawid Kobiałka, Michał Pawleta and Kamil Karski in cooperation with our Museum's staff, will be on view from 28 June 2024 in Opole.

It is one of the results of the interdisciplinary project Science for Society, Society for Science at the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice. The work on it encompassed more than a dozen disciplines with a single aim in mind - to obtain further information on the turbulent history of the Lamsdorf prisoner-of-war camps and their preserved historical substance. The premise was largely achieved, as our exhibition shows. It combines historical data on the functioning of the POW camps in the old Lamsdorf area, sociological analyses, ethnographic data and archaeological discoveries.

The latter are the result of fieldwork. Combined with surface research, they have resulted in the discovery of several hundred movable artefacts and expanded knowledge of the buildings and living conditions of the prisoners-of-war. The most interesting artefacts are presented in the temporary exhibition hall against a background of photographs of the Site of Remembrance by Sławoj Dubiel and supplemented by a documentary film directed by Daniel Frymark. Details of the course of the work are showed at a section of the exhibition which stands in the courtyard and which can therefore be viewed regardless of the Museum's opening times.

The exhibition will be on display until 10 September.

Visitors also have the opportunity to take part in the archaeological workshop "Get your hands dirty with history". The offer is aimed at all interested, from 5 years old up. Advance booking is required by telephone or email: tel. 573 785 910, .

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