The Upper Silesian Tragedy. Commemoration in Łambinowice

Today, at the Cemetery of the Victims of the Labour Camp in Łambinowice, people gathered to mark the Upper Silesian Tragedy Remembrance Day. Traditionally, on each last Sunday of January, are commemorated dramatic events occurred in Silesia when the Red Army entered this land. The events also encompassed prosecution of the indigenous Silesian population by the Soviet, and later, Polish communist apparatus.

Due to the pandemic, this year's commemoration was limited to wreath laying, candle lighting, prayers and commemorative speeches, in which the words appealing for remembrance and education, were the most prominent. The ceremony was broadcast on the Internet. Also, there took place the premiere of the film Traces of the Past - Labour Camps in Upper Silesia after World War II, which can be viewed at in a new tab.

At the commemoration, the Museum was represented by Dr. Renata Kobylarz-Buła, Deputy Director of the CMJW, and Elżbieta Góra, Head of the Department of Collections and Conservation. After the official part, the participants went to the Museum building to attend a lecture by Prof. Bogusław Kopka who is the author of several publications on post-war labour camps in Poland.

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