The series …but that’s a different story now in year 2022

In the time of the pandemic, it is definitely more difficult to visit museums. The activity of cultural institutions on the Internet has become commonplace. Since it is not always possible to see an exhibition or an object in the Museum, let's talk about it using one of the greatest inventions of mankind: film! The work of a team of museum professionals on the concept, selection of artefacts and subjects worth showing, and the involvement of professionals behind the cameras led to the creation of the series "...but that's a different story now". Season two has just begun to be broadcasted!

The first episode of the series tells the story of an important aspect of the Museum's work – our queries in archives, helpful for those who do genealogical research. But it is not only about searches who are supposed to help to retrace post-war fates of people, like in the case of Lieutenant Józef Chrapkiewicz whose fate was investigated by his granddaughter, Anna Stożek. This seemingly inconspicuous task, has brought unexpected results. The Museum received valuable artefacts which helped to unveil extraordinary stories. What stories? This will be revealed in the film.

The series was prepared by us thanks to funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The twelve episodes in 2021, and next ones, schedule to be broadcasted – as was in the previous year – on every last Monday of each month in 2022, have been produced according to the concept of Dr. Violetta Rezler-Wasielewska, by Sławomir Mielnik.

And now you are welcome to view the first episode of the second season The Daughter's Album.

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