Senior citizens visited the site of remembrance

Within the framework of the no-cost "Senior Citizen’s Weekend with Culture" campaign, initiated by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, throughout the first weekend of October, the elderly had the opportunity to visit the Museum and the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice.

The programme prepared for this occasion by the Museum was especially used by the listeners of the University of the Third Age which runs at the Communal Culture, Sports and Recreation Centre in Łambinowice. For the comfort of the visitors, the groups were guided by guides, and the Melex vehicle was given at their disposal.

The senior citizens, taking advantage of good weather conditions, visited the post-camp areas, including places with the best preserved elements of the infrastructure, located on the ground of the former Stalag 318/VIII F (344) Lamsdorf. In the programme there was also included a visit to the Old Prisoner-of-War Cemetery in Łambinowice and getting acquainted with the history of that unique necropolis which hides the remains of almost 7,000 people, mainly captive soldiers of many nationalities, who died in Lamsdorf during the First World War.

Thank you for visiting our Museum and you are welcome to come again!

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