Sculptures by Samuel Willenberg presented in school workshop

There is still one week left to the winter break in Silesian Province and thus the educational offer of the Museum found to be interested, among others, in a primary school in Gliwice. The first online workshops, taken from the Museum's educational offer related to the exhibition Hell of the Holocaust, the Power of Life, were given on Friday (February 4) by Dr. Ewelina Klimczak of the Department of Education and Exhibitions.

During these classes, often in the form of activation exercises, is discussed the situation of the Polish Jews in 1939-1945. Everyone's attention is focused on Samuel Willenberg: his patriotic attitude in September 1939, when he fought against the Red Army in the ranks of the Polish Army, and his involvement in the conspiracy and organisation of the revolt which ended with his escape from the extermination camp in Treblinka, his participation in the Warsaw Uprising, his post-war life and artistic work.

While discussing Willenberg's sculptures, presented until 31 March at the Opole seat of the Museum, students have the opportunity to consider whether and how art might be a form of expressing emotions, also in the context of camp trauma of those who survived the Holocaust.

Those of you who are interested in the Museum’s offer .


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