Out of the way… New publication by Dr. Piotr Stanek

Thanks to the cooperation of the Museum with the Silesian Institute, at the end of 2021, was published a book Na uboczu. Lamsdorf w czasie powstań śląskich i plebiscytu (1919–1921)[Out of the way. Lamsdorf during the Silesian Uprisings (1919-1921)], which refers to the 100th anniversary of the Third Silesian Uprising.

Publications on the subject of the history of the Site National Remembrance in Łambinowice during the world wars, the period after 1945, or even the Franco-Prussian War (1870/1871), although differentiated, are quite rich, but in the case of the Silesian Uprisings and the plebiscite are not.

In the publication, the authored has proved that despite the end of the First World War in 1918, and in contradiction to The Treaty of Versailles' provisions, the history of the Lamsdorf military training ground and the camps continued. In the course of the Silesian Uprisings and the plebiscite, in the enclosure of the military ground there were still camps for: prisoners-of-war, repatriates, and for training purposes. It was also a place where weapons and ammunition were stored, various German armed formations were stationed, and Silesian activists were isolated.

The interesting historical facts presented in the book, described in a simple language and enriched with iconography will certainly not disappoint readers. The publication is not large and draws attention with an interesting cover by Leszek Ołdak.

We therefore encourage you to purchase it in our online shop - here.

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