Budget session of the Opole Regional Assembly

During today's session of the Opole Regional Assembly, councillors adopted the provincial budget for 2022. The Marshal, Andrzej Buła, named the next year budget a budget of continuity of investments and cooperation.

At the request of the Office of the Marshal of the Voivodeship we make available the most important pieces of information according to which the Self Government of the Opole Province will allocate more than PLN 666,3 million to the citizens of the region in the coming  year. This money will cover the needs in many areas – including, so crucial to us, culture development, common participation in interesting events, and creating better conditions for the use of cultural heritage assets. This sphere of life in our region will receive a total of PLN 48,2 million.

In a resolution adopted today, the subsidy for the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War will amount to PLN 1,610,961. This is 44% of the total, which is supplemented by a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – the co-organizer of our institution. Owing to the allocated funds the efficient functioning of the institution will be possible. In the next year's plan there have already been provided for a number of activities of a documentary, conservation, scientific, exhibition and publishing nature. The first ones will be conducted as early as January!

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The picture comes from: https://www.opolskie.pl/2021/12/budzet-kontynuacji-i-wspolpracy/.

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