Voluntary service

Voluntary service in the Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War offers a peculiar opportunity to acquire knowledge on the functioning of a museum as an institution of culture and also to get to know better the history of armed conflicts in the 20th century, including the mechanisms of functioning of totalitarian systems, especially in the context of the fate of prisoners-of-war. Cooperation with the Museum on the basis of voluntary service gives also a chance to deepen the knowledge of Opole Silesia and getting familiar with the history of the Site of National Remembrance in more detail.

What is important, the knowledge gained in the Museum is not only of the theoretical character. Volunteers are given concrete tasks to carry out, that is preparing teaching aids, ordering and digitalizing the ample museum collections, they take part in educational classes or promotional actions launched by the Museum. While realizing these tasks, volunteers are given the opportunity of not only learning a lot, but they can also get to know former POWs and their families, well-known scholars, people of culture and enthusiasts of history, who are not scarce among the staff of the Museum, either.


The Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War offers two forms of cooperation to its volunteers. The first is teleworking – admissible in situations when the nature of tasks assigned to the volunteer does not require their presence on the spot (e.g., translations of texts). The other form is designed for those whose tasks demand that they stay in one of the two seats of the Museum. The volunteers are provided with a suitably equipped workplace. As long as accommodation is available on the spot, the volunteers working in Łambinowice can be provided with lodging (without board).

Museum offers volunteers work in the following departments:

  • Scientific Department – possible tasks to be assigned: carrying out queries at libraries, searching for information connected with research areas in the mass media, helping with realization of current projects or enterprises;
  • Archive – assigned tasks: entering the data concerning POWs into the POW data base, help in realization of queries, transforming analogue version of the videoteque into the digital one;
  • Department of Education and Exhibitions – helping to organize educational activities and assistance with showing visitors around, participation in organizing cultural and educational projects, transforming the analogue version into the digital one;
  • Department of Collections and Conservation – possible tasks: making scans of museum items from the collection of philately and its ordering, ordering the collection of photographs;
  • Section of Communication and Image – possible tasks: searching for information dealing with the Museum in the press and on the Internet, translating information on the Museum website, help in looking for interesting temporary exhibitions organized by other institutions.

Candidates and their recruitment

We expect the candidates for voluntary service to show – first of all – a high level of involvement in the work which is assigned to them, conscientiousness and precision. It is also appreciated if they display interest in the POW problem area. The offer to do voluntary service in the Museum is addressed not only to students of history or other majors in humanities, but also to enthusiasts of issues pertaining to Opole Province and its complicated history.

Persons who are interested in volunteering are asked to send in their applications, including the CV and indication of the department of their choice. The Museum will sign an agreement on carrying out voluntary service with candidates who are qualified for the service. The agreement is drawn for the minimum length of 30 days.

Advantages of doing voluntary service

After finishing the cooperation, volunteers are issued references and a certificate confirming the completion of their voluntary service.


The Central Museum of Prisoners-of-War invites all the interested persons to cooperate on the basis of voluntary service.

Contact person:
Dominik Marcinkowski, tel. (+48) 77 453 78 72, e-mail: .