Romania funds restoration works on the Old Cemetery of POWs.

On 25 of June, in the Romanian Ambassy building in Warsaw, there was signed an agreement, between Romanian Ministry of National Defence and ZAJMAR Mariusz Zając Pracownia Konserwacji Dzieł Sztuki company. The agreement stipulates conducting restoring works on the crosses of the Romanian soldiers’ graves, including their surroundings, from First World War. 

This is another important stage of the restoration works stemmed from many years of affords of the Museum, conducted together in cooperation with the Łambinowice Commune. The number of the graves (in accordance with our estimations and documentations prepared for this purpose – a list and a digital map - is: 2388) cover with restoration works, is the largest so far. However, it is not only the scale that distinguishes it. It is for the first time that a state, in a such comprehensive way, has taken care of the graves of its soldiers who lay in the cemetery.

Moreover, in the last year, in cooperation with the Museum, there were carried out conservatory works by Romanian soldiers (,1089.html) using a method developed by Polish youths (,1062.html;,1072.html).

The chosen by bid Mariusz Zając company, will accomplish the works till the 1 of December 2020. The work will cost over 145 thousand Euro. It is the largest restoration work initiated by the Museum on the Site of National Remembrance in Łambinowice. We will inform you about the progress of work.

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