Centralne Muzeum Jeńców Wojennych

Polish museums and pandemic

Museum will soon be open for visitors.

The introduced, on 14th of March, ban on visiting museums in Poland will be gradually lifted. We are planning to open door for visitors very soon – from 18th of May. Since the beginning of the closure (lasting 52 days), our Museum worked intensively in all areas of its statutory activity. We presented the effects of some works, through our online activity. We are currently preparing to open the Museum for visitors. If nothing unexpected happens, we will open the door of both our sits  (in Opole and Łambinowice) - on May 18. To emphasize the International Museologist Day, which we will also be celebrate on that day, we traditionally prepare a surprise for our visitors.

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CMJW jest instytucją kultury Samorządu Województwa Opolskiego,
współprowadzoną przez Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego