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Memory project on evacuation of British POWs from Lamsdorf

On Friday (April 27), a new, recommendable by us, website:  www.lamsdorflongmarch.com, was launched. It is intended for anyone who is interested in the history of World War II and prisoners-of-war, and is the effect of the work of families of British prisoners-of- war who were held in Stalag VIII B (344) Lamsdorf. The website is also a token of their memory.

On base of accounts and memories of 48 prisoners from the so called Brittenlager, part of Stalag Lamsdorf, it has been reconstructed their evacuation route, started on 22nd January 1945. Dave Lovell and Ian Bowley are the main project coordinators. The website is consisted of three main maps with marked stopping-places. Owing to the tool it is possible to see all evacuation routs simultaneously. Also, you can find there a photo archive, interviews and a number of other valuable materials about British prisoners-of-war from Lamsdorf.

The creators of the website also acknowledged our Museum and posted their thanks for our work to preserve the memory of, not only British, but all victims of the Wehrmacht prisoner-of war-system. We, for our part, also would like to express our appreciation for this extraordinary initiative and great effort put in popularizing the knowledge about captivity. Dr Anna Wickiewicz, head of the Education and Exhibition Department, who is also the author of the book Captivity in British Uniform. Stalag VIII B (344) Lamsdorf, published by our Museum in Polish and English, was in constant contact with the creators of the website.

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