Centralne Muzeum Jeńców Wojennych

Celebrating the National Flag Day

On 2nd of May Poles celebrate the National Flag Day. This important holiday unites all Poles in all parts of the globe and, among them, the families of prisoners-of-war who are now scattered around the world.

The white and red national colours meant a lot in captivity – they represented national identity, built patriotic bonds and gave the strength to survive. Among the Museum’s artefacts, we have just few, but very important items with themes of the flag and national colours. These are badges or shoulder canvas straps. The prisoners kept them in hiding and at risk of their lives. Such items were ridiculed, destroyed, and above all forbidden to possess by the Wehrmacht.

2nd of May is also the day of all Poles who live outside Poland. We especially remember the families of former Polish POWs, who live abroad of our country. For years, we have been in cordial relation with many of them.

In the picture is presented an armband which belonged to a Warsaw insurgent, Jan Dębski, who comes from the Warsaw Uprising 1944 Remembrance Association.  It is showed as an example of many such armbands wore by the Warsaw insurgents who were sent to Stalag 344 Lamsdorf in 1944.

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