Archaeological works on the Old Cemetery of POWs

From 25 to 29 of May, on the Old Cemetery of POWs in Łambinowice, there were carried out archaeological works. The works were conducted by an interdisciplinary team from the The Institute of National Remembrance, under direction of Professor Krzysztof Szwagrzyk.

Th resarch was aimed to establish localisation of burial places of soldiers of the Polish Army and the Home Army who were prisoners-of-war of the Lamsdorf camp in the course of the Second World War. The works underwent by the IPN due to efforts of the Museum and in accordance with rules in force (tou can find more information about the burials in a paper by Violleta Rezler-Wasielwska Sprawa pochówku jeńców obozów Lamsdorf (1939–1945) published in the Łambinowice Annual Yearbook vol. 23).

The works were conducted using ground penetrating radar equipment (the first stage) on 15 May. It helped to establish that in the examined part of the cemetery, there are not any bodies of deceased prisoners. Instead, the archaeologists stumbled upon traces of buildings of unknown  destination, wherein were found fragments of uniforms and glass objects (pharmaceutical dishes) as well everyday use articles.

Those who are interested in further stages of the works, we urge to visit our website.

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