An outdoor temporary exhibition in Łambinowice

In front of our museum in Łambinowice, there is placed an outdoor temporary exhibition “It is not yet over…” Soldiers of September 1939 in the Wehrmacht and the NKVD captivity (1939-1945).

On several boards there are depicted different aspects of POWs fate – differences in operating camps by Germans and Soviets, secret activities of POWs, their ways of resistance, forced  labour works, artistic and sport activities, everyday life and their in many cases, difficulties to adapt to life after the war.

The richly illustrated exhibition intelligibly and in attention drawing way, introduces visitor to the POW subject.

Reminder: the museum in Łambinowice is open at weekends from 10.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m Admission is free of charge.

You are mostly welcome to visit us.

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